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Benefits of setting-up your own Virtual IP Officer

Innovation and

Get real-time actionable, technical/legal, inputs on your innovation and product strategy.

Learning Module

Built-in Interactive knowledge content, FAQs, and videos on Innovation management and IP.

Affordable Support from Experts

Heavy discount for all members when consulting VIP officers
(IP, Legal and innovation experts).

Enhance ROI on your innovation

Minimize missed innovation opportunities while optimizing the cost of innovation and IP.

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About the platform

  • An online consultation platform designed to get you expert and confidential advice for planning your innovation strategy and creating IP roadmap for next level growth.

  • Your own IP Officer, available to answer queries and guide you in your technology and product journey.

  • A trustworthy, reliable and sustainable solution for organizations to get access to senior IP strategy experts to refine their innovation and IP processes and set-up an Innovation Engine in their organizations.

Our Working Philosophy

Sagacious IP one of the largest global IP research firms working with the world’s biggest companies, law firms, institutions, research organizations and inventors to help them monetize, defend, and expand their patent portfolios and drive innovation within their industries.

With this online consulting platform, Sagacious IP aims at providing expert and confidential advice to users for planning their innovation strategy and creating IP roadmap for next level growth.

Why Virtual IP guidance/platform

Presently, IP ownership in India is dominated by only a handful of players. This poses a significant litigation risk for other players, and considerably hinders opportunities for growth. (Download a reference guide to New India's IP Regime and Scenario)

Organizations, esp MSMEs, usually rely on their in-house R&D experts or legal counsels for Innovation management and IP-related decisions. This often leads to missing high-potential innovations and corresponding IP creation opportunities. In contrast, handful of organizations owning majority of IP in India have their in-house innovation managers and IP experts.

We understand that setting-up an In-house team of innovation and IP experts is not always feasible and is generally time-taking.

So what’s the solution?

A timely consultation with right IP experts can help prevent such situations. Availability of a trusted and experienced consultant for assisting you in your Innovation and strategy related decisions. Through VIP platform you get access to the vast pool of knowledge that Sagacious has gained by serving some of largets IP players in the world. (Check out some of the expert profiles below).

VIP platform aims to disseminate learnings from global companies to make Indian SMEs more competitive by helping them leverage patent information and intellectual property as a strategy to improve their current and future products in Indian and global markets.


Your Virtual IP (VIP) officers


Vivek Singh

Seasoned IP attorney, 13+ yrs

IP Strategy, Prosecution And Litigation


Tanmay Mittal

Mechanical Engg, 10 yrs

Innovation Strategy and Guidance


Dhananjay (DJ) Kumar Das

Telecom expert, 7+ yrs

Licensing, SEP, monetization


Pooja Chhikara

Patent Agent, Biochem, 7 yrs

Idea mining, evaluation, opinion


Akash Dudhwa

IP Lawyer and counsel

Trademarks, brand protection


Rachita Goel

ICT Licensing- 7+Years

Commercialization, Licensing and Monitization


Aastha Uppal

Seasoned IP professional, 13+ yrs

Software tech, strategy and patents


Abhinav Mahajan

ICT Licensing, 8+ yrs

Telecommunication,Smartphones, IOT


Hemant Kumar

Illustration Expert- 11+Years

Design, Utility, Modelling,


Gopal Singh Rawat

Trademark Expert- 10+Years

Global Trademark Filling & Monitoring


Shubham Tyagi

Patent Analytics- 5+years

Automobile Components, Energy


Devika Saini

Life Sciences Expert- 8+ years

Patent Analytics Market Clearance, Portfolio Management


Vikas Kaushik

Illustration Expert(Design, Utility)- 9+Years

Design Drawings, Utility Drawings, Trademark Drawings, Trade dress, 3D Modelling


Rakesh Kumar

ICT Searching- 8+Years

Computer Science & HVAC


Kushagra Magoon

ICT Licensing- 5+Years

Licensing, Annuity Analysis, Semiconductor, Smart Consumer Devices, Adaptive Streaming


Chandra Prakash Pandey

Illustration Expert (Drawings) 6+Years

Mechanical Drawings, Biotech drawings, Solar panel designing, Design related orbit searches, Product design, Electrical drawings, Quality check, Prototype


Pusparna Pathak

Telecom and SEP Expert- 9+Years

IP Licensing, Technology Landscapes, Telecom, ICT, SEP

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